The new 3-way calling feature in Intermedia Unite Mobile Application allows you to add 3rd person to any active call. This feature is also available on Desktop.

How to Initiate a 3-Way Call?

  1. Start a regular call with one of your contacts or any external number1
  2. Tap on the + (plus) button on the active call bar 2
  3. Select a contact to start a call with or enter a number to call 3
  4. The first call will be put on hold. To start a 3-way call tap the ••• button and select Make Conference 4
  5. To split the call back in two, tap the Split button5

Note: if you already have an active call oh hold, you can immediately merge the new one with it.


  • Can I be an initiator of more than one 3-way call at the same time?

No, you are able to initiate only one 3-way call at a time.

  • I have two active calls, but there is no offer to make a conference. Why?

There is no offer to merge calls if both calls are on hold. Please, resume one of the calls. 

  • I have three (of four) active calls and I'm not able to make a conference. Why?

There is no option to merge calls if you have more than two active calls. To make a conference, please, end calls you don't want to merge.

  •  I was joined to a 3-way call, but it looks like a usual one. Why?

Only the User, who initiated the call sees this call as 3-way call. For other Intermedia Unite users, it looks like the usual one.

  • I was joined to 3-way call. Can I invite another person to this call using the same option?

Yes, if you are not the initiator of the 3-way call, you can add 4th person to this call.

  • I have started 3-way call. Now I need to go. Can other members continue to talk without interruption?

Unfortunately, due to realization details, it is not possible to leave started by you call without ending call for all recipients.

  • I have initiated 3-way call and put it on hold. Other members are not able to hear each other. Why?

In fact, a person who initiates a 3-way call is becoming a host of this call and is mixing all audio streams on his mobile device. So, his behavior defines a call behavior.