Contact Center Pro/Elite in HostPilot

Contact Center Pro and Contact Center Elite are available for installation through HostPilot.

Installing Contact Center Pro/Elite

To install Contact Center Pro or Elite, navigate to Services > Intermedia Unite > Contact Center and select an appropriate package and click Install.



When Contact Center Pro/Elite is installed:

  • a dedicated Contact Center Pro/Elite page will be displayed in the HostPilot;
  • a new account will be provisioned in the Contact Center Admin Portal;
  • Onboarding Mode will be enabled for the account configuration. Read the Knowledge Base article about the Onboarding Mode for more information.

Managing Contact Center

Contact Center Pro/Elite will be available for review and managing only to account contacts with the following roles in HostPilot:

  • Owner
  • Technical Administrator with service Contact Center Pro/Elite

The new Contact Center Pro/Elite role is visibly displayed as a child role to Intermedia Unite. If Intermedia Unite is disabled, the Contact Center Pro/Elite role cannot be managed and will not be shown.

account contacts

Note: this new role is for managing only Contact Center Pro or Elite packages. Contact Center Express is not dependent on this new role. For future releases, we plan to update the new role name, in order to make it clearer.
The Contact Center Pro/Elite role will be automatically enabled for all existing account contacts havingIntermedia Unite role enabled. For new account contacts, this role needs to be enabled manually in the Create account contact page. It will not be enabled by default.

Contact Center Page overview

Contact Center Admin Portal login

To log in from HostPilot to Contact Center Admin portal via Single Sing-On, account admins can use the link in the upper part of the page. This is what the Contact Center Admin portal looks like:

login via SSO


This tab provides general information about the Contact Center service, such as your current package, reference Contact Center Account ID, recommended steps for account provisioning, etc.



Here you can see the list of AD users on the account. You can enable or disable Contact Center service per user.


Once Contact Center service is enabled, a new Agent in Contact Center Admin Portal is created, and the user data is synced from HostPilot.

The user data is synced to Contact Center Admin Portal as described below:

  • HostPilot Display Name is used as the agent's First Name and also the Agent's name in the tree view at the left of the Contact Center Admin Portal.
  • HostPilot Email is used as Agent's Username and Email.
  • Profile picture from HostPilot is shown in Contact Center Admin Portal as well. If changed after installation, new profile picture will be propagated to Contact Center Admin Portal within approximately 1 hour.

users updated

Disabling Contact Center in HostPilot would delete the Agent from Contact Center Admin Portal.


Q: How can I change selected package (e.g., from Pro to Express or Elite)?
A: Contact the Onboarding team for package upgrade/downgrade. Package upgrade/downgrade directly from HostPilot is planned for the next phase.

Q: How do I uninstall installed Contact Center package from HostPilot?
A: To uninstall Contact Center, contact the Support team. Packages uninstallation directly from HostPilot is planned for the next phase.

Q: Can I import phone numbers from HostPilot to Contact Center Admin Portal?
A: No, phone numbers import is out of scope for the current release, contact the Onboarding team to do it. This functionality is planned for the next phase.

Q: Can I purchase additional features and/or Contact Center Concurrent Subscription Licenses from HostPilot integration?
A: This functionality is available in Onboarding mode. Read the Knowledge Base article about Contact Center Pro/Elite: Onboarding Mode for more information.

Q: Can I create more Contact Center agents than Intermedia Unite users existing at account? AD users?
A: The number of Contact Center agents cannot exceed the number of AD users. This can exceed the quantity of Intermedia Unite users.

Q: I don't have the possibility to install Contact Center Pro/Elite packages at my account, verbiage is still saying to contact a Sales representative. Is this a bug?
A: We are releasing the new functionality in several batches. You will have the possibility to install Contact Center Pro/Elite to your account in the nearest future. For urgent cases you can still contact a Sales representative for Contact Center account setup.

Read the Knowledge Base articles on Phone Numbers and Subscriptions for more information.