This Extended service will allow you to restore an entire mailbox that was deleted within the last 30 days via the HostPilot. The mailbox will appear exactly as it was when deleted. Incoming mail sent since the mailbox was deleted will have bounced and may need to be resent. Most restores are completed within 2 business days. Some restores may take longer.

Upon placing this request you will need to:

  • Enter the email address of the mailbox to restore;
  • Enter the display name of the mailbox to restore (name of the user);
  • Specify approximate time/date of the mailbox deletion;
  • Confirm if the mailbox has been manually recreated or not.

If the mailbox was already recreated, the data from previously deleted mailbox will be merged with the data of the new one.

Note: we can undelete a mailbox that was deleted no longer than 30 days ago.