Active Report is available for All agents and for each agent separately.

Active Report for all agents

It includes the following info:

  • Total active calls
  • Calls in queue
  • Agents logged in
  • Agents with customers

Moreover, there are Call Durations diagrams that show the duration of calls in total, by queue time and by talk time.

Active Report is also showing the status of the Contact Center agents in the Agent Status section.
The displayed information can be sorted by Status, Agent, Last logged in, Last logged out.

Agent Statuses

Ready – Agent is ready to take this group calls.

Ringing – Call was routed to an Agent and his phone is Ringing at the moment (Agent have not pick up the call yet).

Wrap up - depending on the group setting Agent wrap-up time, after the call is finished Agent has time to take notes for example.

On phone – the call is in progress.

Other Queue busy – call from another group is in progress (if Agent is also in another group).

Idle – depending on the group setting Unanswered idle time. If it is enabled and Agent didn’t pick up the call he will be in Idle state for some time and calls won’t be routed to him while he is in that state.

Logged Out.

Active Report for each agent

It includes the following info:

  • Total calls
  • Rolled calls

Rolled calls = Total - (minus) Answered.

  • Calls per hour (Avg)

Calls per hour = Total connected calls for this agent/time logged in today by this agent.

  • Status
  • Last logged in
  • Last logged out

Maximum and Average Talk Time can be seen in the diagram.

Both reports can be printed and downloaded in CSV format by using icons in the right upper corner.

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