The article outlines requirements and tips for cancellation of the accounts with enabled Voice Services.

Once you read the information below, please reach out to our Billing team at 800-379-7729, option 4, to cancel the account.

  • Account Owner is the only person authorized to terminate the account

If the Account Owner is no longer with the Company, the account cancellation will require financial responsibility change.

For a specific type of accounts, you may update the billing information and process account ownership change in the Host Pilot®Control Panel.

Otherwise, please reach out to our Billing team for assistance - 800-379-7729, option 4.

  • Account can be fully canceled only after Number porting is completed

In case you are porting numbers to Intermedia account and have an open porting ticket, the porting cancellation will have to be reviewed by the Porting Management team. 

If you plan to or have already ported the numbers away from Intermedia, check on the porting status with the new Service Provider and make sure that they fully own the numbers prior to account and number suspension.

Alternatively, you can leave the numbers to port on the account and disable the services not involved in the porting process. Then as the new Service Provider confirms the completed porting, proceed with the whole account cancel.

Note: HPBX 2.0 accounts always require to have one Voice Line active for account functioning

Please see the KB on Porting Phone Services Out From Intermedia for more information.

  • Extra charges can be imposed for the devices ordered with the rebates

Prorated repayment of rebate value is required if service is canceled within 12 months of rebate use. Please check the amount of the potential rebate penalty with the Support representative.

Note: if the devices on the account are still under warranty, upon account termination the warranty cancels.

  • Cancellation within Money-back Guarantee Period

Within the guarantee period, if you wish to cancel the account, you may want to reach out to Support so the hardware return orders could be generated for the devices previously purchased from Intermedia.

All hardware that has been authorized for return must be sent back to Intermedia promptly, along with all Intermedia provided accessories (including power supplies and / or cables). Hardware must be received in good, as-new working condition, and in its original packaging.

Important: hardware must be returned to Intermedia within ten (10) business days.

Note: Billing will continue for hardware and associated lines of service until the hardware is received.

As hardware is checked in, credits will be applied automatically.

  • Account Closure Timeline

It can take up to 90 days/ 3 months for the account to fully and completely close internally. No extra service charges are incurred during this period.

  • Dial-Tone Loss

Prior to account cancellation please make sure that you have active voice services with another Service Provider, so you won't experience any call flow interruptions.

We strongly recommend to re-route the active numbers if there's still a porting stage and make sure that the voice services are functioning as intended before requesting termination.

  • Voice Data Loss

Your faxes, voicemails, call recordings, etc. won't be available upon account cancellation. Please make sure that your data has been saved prior to the cancellation request.