This article describes the process of setting up and configuring a new Toll-Free Conference Bridge with Intermedia AnyMeeting.

Enabling Toll-free conferencing

To enable Toll-free conferencing for your Intermedia AnyMeeting account:

  1. Navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Intermedia AnyMeeting > Users
  2. Select Enable toll-free conferencing

    Enable TF
  3. Click Another number if you would like to change the pre-defined one. You may only select one particular number from the pull. Once selected, the number cannot be changed.
    if you would like to assign a ported number to a Conference Bridge, contact Support
  4. Choose Plan for you Toll-free conferencing and click Enable toll-free conferencing. Read the Knowledge Base article on Usage And Overage Charges On Intermedia Unite for more information on how usage is calculated.

    TF Setup
  5. Navigate back to Intermedia AnyMeeting Users (click To Intermedia AnyMeeting Users) and assign newly created Toll-Free number to any Intermedia AnyMeeting user you wish to enable Toll-Free calling for.


Important: for existing Intermedia AnyMeeting users switching their number from Local to Toll-Free:

  • If you change your dial-in number to Toll-Free, your prior scheduled meetings will no longer be able to use the local toll number to dial in. You will need to update your invited participants
  • If you enable Toll-Free, the list of dial-in number choices (including International for Pro plans) will not be offered to attendees. Only Toll-Free will be offered
  • Your dial-in PIN code and Meeting URL will not change
  • New dial-in number will be used by Intermedia Unite Desktop & Mobile apps when starting a meeting from the Intermedia Unite apps. However, the old number may still be displayed under the Meeting tab until the next Intermedia Unite app is restarted

Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AnyMeeting: How To Manage Your Default Dial-In Number for more information.


Q: Can a user choose to host some meetings with Local and some with Toll-free dial-in numbers? 

A: No, at the moment users can either use Local or Toll-free Bridges with their bridge/meetings. When Toll-Free number is assigned to the Intermedia AnyMeeting user, attendees can only connect to the meeting using the Toll-Free number. Mixed Toll-free and Local numbers dialing for the same bridge is not supported.

Q: Do I assign the toll-free number to users or does it automatically assign to all users in the company?

A: After adding the Toll-free number to account, Administrator should assign it to the required users. It will not be added automatically and cannot work in combination with Local numbers.

Q: Can I add more than one Toll-free number to my Intermedia AnyMeeting account?

A: No, only a single Toll-Free number can be used on account for Intermedia AnyMeeting. 

Q: Can I use a short number to dial my Intermedia AnyMeeting Bridge or my co-worker Bridge?

A: Virtual Extension can be set up by Account Administrator with routing to the Intermedia AnyMeeting Toll-free number.

Q: What if my attendees are dialing from another country? Can they use International Numbers?

A: International Numbers are not supported if you enable Toll-free on a User’s Intermedia AnyMeeting plan. The Toll-Free number is US and Canada only and those outside that will need to use computer audio to join a meeting or webinar and may not join a conference call.

Q: How do I pay for Intermedia AnyMeeting Toll-free?

A: 200 min Toll-free plan is included for free with Intermedia Unite. Administrators can upgrade to a different plan at any time. Please mind how minutes usage is calculated: Usage And Overage Charges On Intermedia Unite

Charge for Toll-Free Conference will be included in your Voice Bill (AL - Voice services). Charge for Intermedia AnyMeeting Users will be included in your monthly charge. Overages will be charged separately. 

Read the Knowledge Base article on Usage And Overage Charges On Intermedia Unite for more information.

Q: How my taxes will be calculated?

A: Taxes for Intermedia AnyMeeting Toll-free bridge will be calculated based on your Main Company Address. You can manage it from Voice Services > Location.

Q: Can I port my Toll-free number to Intermedia AnyMeeting?

A: Unfortunately, porting to Intermedia AnyMeeting is not available at the moment. Contact Support to check available options.

Known Issue

  • When switching User package between Meeting Starter/Lite/Pro - phone number is changed from Toll-free to Local. Administrator will need to change it back manually.