daily global statistics

This panel displays the following metrics for all of your IVRs combined:

  • Rd. (Received) – Total number of dials into your IVR phone number(s).
  • Qd. (Queued) – Total number of calls queued.
  • An. (Answered) – Total number of calls answered.
  • Ab. (Abandoned) – Total number of calls abandoned (not answered).
  • VM. (Voicemail) – Total number of calls answered by voicemail.
  • An. Rate (Answer Rate) – Percentage of calls answered.
  • Ab. Rate (Abandoned Rate) – Percentage of calls abandoned (not answered).
  • Service Level – Percentage of calls answered within the Acceptable Waiting Time (AWT) set on the Queues screen. Calls abandoned after the acceptable waiting time will also impact the service level, see formula:
  • Wait Time – Time callers have waited in queue (does not include hold time).
  • Min. – Minimum wait time.
  • Max. – Maximum wait time.
  • Avg. – Average wait time.
  • Talk Time – Time callers have spent speaking with a representative (including any time put on hold).
  • Min. – Minimum talk time.
  • Max. – Maximum talk time.
  • Avg. – Average talk time.