When there are calls waiting in queue, click on the number of calls to open the page that provides information about each call waiting in that particular queue.

You will see a list of callers in order of who has been waiting the longest:

  • Name – The caller's name, if not available the number will be repeated.
  • Number – The caller's number if available.
  • Wait Time – The length of time the caller has been waiting in the queue.
  • Queue Name – Use the drop down menu to move the caller to another queue.
  • Item Priority – Use the drop down to move a caller's position in the queue.

Use the Queue drop down menu above to change views and see calls waiting in other queues or all your queues at once. Click Refresh to update the screen.

Note: always click Update, located in the top right corner to save your changes. If Update is not clicked, any new changes made will not be saved.