Click Pause to stop the monitor from refreshing the page. When paused you can click Resume to continue refreshing the page.



Options allow you to change how often the page is refreshed, when a service level should change color, and which panels or columns are displayed.


Options are grouped together and separated into four tabs: General, Statistic, Queue Status, Agent Status (see screenshots below).



queue status

agent status

To edit the options:

  1. Enter new values and/or make your selections.
  2. Click OK.


To apply a filter to the Monitoring screen:

  1. Click Filtering
  2. The Filtering dialog box will open. You can filter by AgentQueue, or IVR. Click the appropriate tab and complete the filtering fields, or check one or more of the checkboxes: Agent's nameTeam ExtensionStatusSkillsetsQueue Name, and IVR Name.
    agent filtering
    ivr filtering
    queue filtering
  3.  Click OK.

Note: For Agent Filtering, if no Skillsets are selected from the filtering dialog, no agent names will appear in the Agent Status section.

The Filtering button turns red to indicate filtering is applied. 

filtering button

The filter only applies to Current panels; when enabled the visibility of the Monitoring page is limited only to the items being filtered. 

  • When filtering by Agent, filtering occurs in the Current Agent Status section of the Monitoring page.    
  • When filtering by Queue, filtering occurs int he Daily Queue Statistics and Current Queue Status sections of the Monitoring page.  
  • When filtering by IVR, filtering occurs in the daily IVR Statistics section of the Monitoring page. 

 To clear filtering, click Filtering once more, and delete any filter fields to remove the applied filters.  Click OK to return the Monitoring page to original visibility.