Intermedia Unite Users can manage the following Voicemail settings using Intermedia Unite Desktop Application:

To adjust Voicemail Settings log into Intermedia Unite Desktop Application > click on Profile > Voicemail Settings tab. The following page will open:


Change a PIN for Voicemail box

Type in the PIN into the Voicemail PIN field and click Save Changes.

Note: The user must have the PIN.


4-10 digits are required.


Listen to the current Voicemail greeting

Press the Play button to listen to the current Voicemail greeting.


Record a custom greeting 

To record a custom greeting:

  1. Click the microphone button;
  2. The pop-up window with step-by-step instruction (script) will open;
  3. Use Click here to call your voicemail box to initiate a call from Intermedia Unite Desktop App;
  4. Click the Dialpad button to open Intermedia Unite Desktop Application Dialpad;
  5. Follow script/voice prompts and enter PIN/Commands using a Dialpad;
  6. Once the greeting is recorded and saved, click the End Call button in Intermedia Unite Desktop Application;
  7. Click Got It or Close buttons to close the pop-up window.

Note: In case User doesn't see the custom greeting after it was recorded - click any tab on the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application > choose the Voicemail Settings tab again.

To listen to the new custom greeting click the Play button.

To restore the default greeting:

  1. Click the Restore default greeting button;
  2. The pop-up window with Cancel and Restore options will open;
  3. Click Restore.

Enable/disable voicemails transcription

Check/uncheck the Create transcription for voicemails to enable/disable this feature and click Save Changes.

Manage email notifications for Voicemails

Check/uncheck the Notify me about new voicemails via email to enable/disable this feature.

To enable email notifications for Voicemail:

    1. Tick the checkbox for Notify me about new voicemails via email;
    2. The new field for an email address and a checkbox for Attach voicemail will appear;
    3. Enter an e-mail address you would like to receive notifications to.
      Note: At least 1 email is required. No more than 10 emails can be added.
    4. Check/uncheck the Attach voicemail to receive/do not receive an audio file with the Voicemail attached;
    5. Save Changes.

Note: To download the User's Voicemail greeting log in to My Services

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I View or Change My Personal Phone Settings? for more information.

You also can adjust Voicemail settings using Intermedia Unite Mobile App.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Voicemail Settings for more information.