SecuriSync doesn't offer an option to change the owner of the folder. In fact, the user with co-owner permissions has the same access to the files and folders, but in any act of sharing, the invitation will mention owner, not co-owner, this is the only difference.

In case you want to change the owner of SecuriSync folder follow these steps:

  1. Using the Web client, share folder for which you would like to change the owner with User 2.
  2. On the Desktop client of the User 2 wait until the folder and files within it are created, then copy and paste the folder to any location on the computer outside of SecuriSync environment
    Important: the files versioning will be lost when files are moved outside of SecuriSync environment
  3. Using the Web client of User 1 unshare the folder from User 2 or Stop Share for all users (see Important Information below).
  4. Upload the folder using SecuriSync desktop client of User 2 back to SecuriSync folder, this will make User 2 the owner of the folder

Important: if the folder is shared with other Users, after the steps above, you will need to re-share the folder with all users who need access to it using the new owner's profile. Please take note of the current sharings, unshare the folder from the profile of User 1, and re-share the folder from the profile of User 2.

Note: if User 1 was deleted, you still can access his SecuriSync data through Admin File management. Read our Knowledge Base article SecuriSync: Admin File Management for more information.