You can assign multiple local or Toll free numbers to Contact Center Pro/Elite. To manage numbers, go to Control Panel > Intermedia Unite > Contact Center > Phone numbers. 

On this page, you can add, assign, unassign and check the status of your numbers. To add a number, click + Add local number or + Add Toll-free numbers buttons. 
To assign a number to Contact Center, check the checkbox near it and click Proceed down below. 

Once successfully assigned, phone numbers will be provisioned to Contact Center Admin Portal. It can be accessed via: Configure > Inbound Voice > IVRs > Phone Numbers. These numbers can then be used in IVRs.

Note: in order to create a new IVR, you'll need to contact Onboarding team.

For Local numbers you will be provided with a bucket of 6000 minutes per 1 purchased concurrent agent license, covering outbound domestic calls (inbound domestic calls are unlimited).

The default package for Toll free numbers is "Pay per use". This implies that any calls made by Contact Center agents using the Toll free numbers will be charged based on the actual usage, on a per-minute basis. You can change the default package to bucket of minutes (from 200 mins to 700000 mins). To do that, click the blue text with the package name and select the package you prefer.