The amber Threshold Range is automatically calculated once the red and green threshold values are entered. This value will fall between the red and green values. If the threshold falls within this range, the corresponding metric turns amber.

Amber Column

Note: An amber range must exist. This means the following scenario cannot occur: a red value "greater than 500" and a green value "less than 500", because there is no range left for amber.

Threshold settings are saved for the account on a per filter basis. Once thresholds are defined for a filter, all users will view that filter setting (i.e. for a single queue, or all queues) with those thresholds applied. Authorized users may change the thresholds, which are then applied to any user who selects that filter. For example, if a user:

  1. Filters on All Queues.
  2. Sets the thresholds for All Queues.
  3. Clicks OK.
  4. Then filters on a single queue view and sets thresholds for that queue view.

The threshold settings are saved for the all queues view filter and the single queue view filter, along with any other subsequent single queues that the user configures for that account.

Thresholds values may be reset to the default values. If values are reset, the default values for the current filtered queue or the All view will be applied. Click Reset to reset thresholds for the current view to default.