Weekly schedule

Complete the following fields:

  • Run Displays the selected run option: Weekly.
  • Every – Type how often you want the scheduled report to run: 1 will run the report every week, 2 will run the report every 2 weeks, 3 will run the report every 3 weeks, etc.
  • Monday…Sunday – Select the day you want to run the report. For example, if you select Monday, the report will run every Monday for the duration set in the Every field. The report will run for the previous week(s) ending on the date selected (e.g. Sunday selected: every Sunday the report will run the previous week's data).
  • At – Type the time you want the schedule to run; use the 24hr clock: 00:00 to 24:00.
  • Active from – Type the first day you want to start running the report.
  • Until – Select and type the last day you want the report to be run.
  • Never expires – Select if you want the scheduled report to run indefinitely; the report will only expire if you select Until and schedule the last run date.

Note: If you select the current date, ensure the time selected to start running the scheduled report has not passed. For example, if you want to run a report today, and the time at which you are setting up the schedule is 14:00, you must schedule the report to run after 14:00. If you try to schedule a report to run for a past date or time, you will receive an error and your report will not be scheduled