After a caller has waited in a queue for a short time, they are given the option to receive a callback rather than continuing to wait on hold. If the caller selects option 1 he or she is prompted to enter a ten-digit phone number. If the caller does not correctly enter ten digits, the system will request the number to be entered again. Three unsuccessful attempts will send the caller back into the queue.

After successfully entering a ten-digit number, the request for the callback is complete and the caller is free to hang up. When an agent becomes available, the pending callback is assigned to that agent; the CCA notifies the agent that a callback is taking place and automatically initiates an outbound call to the callback number. As with all outbound calls placed through the CCA, the agent must first answer their extension. Only then will the outbound number be dialed.

Note: A caller should never enter "1" before their ten-digit phone number.

Once you have successfully logged into the Administrator Portal, navigate to the IVRs page (Configure > Inbound Voice > IVRs), where you will see your IVRs listed in alphabetical order.

Configure  > Inbound Voice > IVRs

Since callbacks are a function of IVRs, callback settings must be modified for each IVR listed that contains queues with the Callback option. Click on the Settings link to the right of the IVR you wish to modify. You will now see a list of settings that instruct how your callbacks should be handled. Please note that your particular IVR may or may not show additional settings beyond callbacks.

Advanced Settings for IVR

  • Callback - Expiration Time is the total length of time the system will keep trying to complete the callback. The system will stop trying either when the maximum attempts have been reached or if this time expires.

  • Callback - Max Retries is the maximum number of callbacks that will be attempted to reach a caller. An attempt is considered failed when the call is not answered within the time specified in the Transfer Timeout field.

  • Callback - Priority should be set to the same priority value as the corresponding queue in order to ensure that people who have chosen a callback will keep their place in line. Otherwise, a lower priority will cause the system to perform callbacks only when no calls are waiting in the corresponding queue.

    Note: to see queue priority values, please navigate to the Queues screen.

  • Callback - Retry Time is the number of minutes the system will wait between callback attempts. During this interval your agents may become busy; the callback will try again once an agent becomes available.