To add holidays:

  1. Navigate to Configure > General > Working hours and choose Holidays tab

    Schedules Home

  2. The Holiday page appears. If no holidays have been added, the following message will appear on the page: "No holiday has been defined for the selected region".

    Add Holiday

  3. From the Region drop-down menu, select the region (e.g. Canada, United States) your contact center resides.


  4. Click Add Holiday.

    Click Add Holiday

    The Holiday table appears, ready to be populated.

    Holiday table

  5. Click in the Holiday Date field and select a date for your holiday, then click in the Description field and enter a description for your holiday. Click Update to save the new holiday entries.

    Holiday Date & Description

  6. The holiday is added to the list of holidays.

    Holiday list

  7. By default, holidays will close out the call center on any given day. If there are some holidays where your call center is open for shortened hours or even for full days, enter the holiday in as an Exception Date and then assign the working hours for that holiday.