This simple but powerful feature helps ensure agents return to the correct status after Wrap-up.

Wrap-up is a type of Agent Status in Contact Center. Wrap-up mode immediately follows an agent taking a call. When in this mode, a Contact Center agent is shown as busy and therefore unable to take calls. Wrap-up mode gives the agent time to finish notes, process paperwork, or handle other post-call tasks.

In the latest version of Contact Center Agent (note: Desktop Version), wrap-up mode now allows for automatic transition to either a) a pre-selected working status, or b) the last non-busy working status. This occurs once the agent has spent too much time in either wrap-up mode or “Not Set” status.

Note:  Before proceeding, please contact your Service Provider if you wish to enable this feature.  The following steps apply after it's been enabled by your Provider.

To enable this feature on an Agent, use the following steps:

  1. Log into your Contact Center admin portal.

    Agent Status Return

  2. Click Configuration > General > Agents.  Select the agent for whom to enable this feature.

    Agent Status Return

  3. You'll find this feature near the bottom of the General Information tab.

    Agent Status Return

Note:  If call classification is mandatory, and the classification window is open, agent status transition will not take place until the call is classified and the window is closed.