In the Contact Center platform, interactions between agents and customers are recorded. Read the articles below to learn how to search, listen/read and download recordings of each category. Recordings are divided into the following categories:

  • Voice — recordings captured from Queued Incoming Calls, Direct Transfers, and/or Outgoing Calls. 
  • Emails — email headers captured from agent/customer email exchanges. 
  • Chats — transcripts captured from agent/customer chat interactions.
  • Voicemails  recordings captured from customers leaving voicemails in lieu of waiting in the queue.
  • Video — recordings of the agent's screen.

The recordings will be kept for the period of time indicated on the General page. To disable recordings, please contact your service provider.

Search for a Recording

To search for recordings, navigate to Analysis > Recordings

Next, choose the category you wish to review.

To get the details about search parameters, read a corresponding article above.

Change the Recordings Retention Period

By default, recordings are stored for 30 days. To change this period, contact Support or submit a request through the Contact Center Control Panel. To review or change the retention period, navigate to Configure > Global Settings > General and click the click here text in the Recordings period section. 

Fill in the form, stating what is the desired recordings retention time period for you. Also, fill in the Email and/or Phone fields so we can let you know when the change is implemented.

For more information, please refer to the following articles: