When you click Schedule Manager in your Admin portal, you'll arrive at a new browser tab.  Here's what you'll see:


The Schedule Manager user interface is made up of five sections:
  • User information
  • Main Menu
  • Display Window
  • Page Information
  • Software Information


The below screenshot shows these five sections.  Please refer to the table below the screenshot for detailed descriptions.


Section Descriptions

User Interface Sections Descriptions
1: User Information
  • User: Displays the user's full name.
  • Logout: Click to exit the Schedule Manager solution.
2: Main Menu Lists the main areas of Workforce Scheduler: Schedules, Team Schedules Vacation Manager, Trade Proposals.
3: Display window
Main Menu items will be displayed in this window when selected. Each new menu item accessed will appear in its own tab in the Display window. These tabs will remain open in the Display window unless closed.
To close the tab, click x, located in the top right corner of the tab.
4: Page information

Displays the number of pages available for the displayed tab (e.g. Page 1 of 1) as well as which page is currently displayed (e.g. "Displaying 1 – 23 of 23"). Use the arrow keys (Arrow Keys) to move from one page to another or in the number field type the page number you'd like to advance to.

Click Refresh (Refresh) to return to the top of the first page).

5: Software information Displays the Schedule Manager Solution Name, the Current Date, and your Company Name.