Chat Recordings Search

In the Contact Center platform, interactions between agents and customers are recorded and stored for a set retention period. To search, review and download Chat recordings, go to Analysis > Recordings > Chat Recordings.

When searching for Chat recordings, select the Chat option from the menu and you will be presented with the following screen:

After you finish entering parameters, click Search. To learn more about the search parameters, see below.

Chat Log Recording Search Parameters

The following parameters apply to all Chat categories:

  • From: / To: – Enter a date range using the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. These fields are mandatory.
  • Keywords –  A word or phrase that may have been typed in the chat. If the Collected Info page for the chat queue treatment is turned on, any data entered by the caller can also be entered in the keywords field of the chat recordings search. Collected info includes first name, last name, phone number, email address, and inquiry.
  • Processed between – Enter a date range using the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. These fields are mandatory.
  • Client Type; / claim No: / Account No: / Provider No: / Main Subject: / Sub-subject: / Sub-subject details: / Resolution: / Notes – Values that may have been entered in Classifications by the agent. To add one of the Classification values, click on the menu button (...), located beside the Classification fields. Select the option from a drop-down list and click OK.

Note: You may enter a partial string for a word or number; do not use wildcards "{}".

Read Chat Log Recordings

To read a Chat Log, click on the date/time link to the left of a chat record.

Select one of the following options: Open with or Save FileOpen with allows you to select the program you wish to use to open the chat log, whereas Save File allows you to save the chat log to your hard drive, once the file is saved, you can then open the file from the saved location. Chat logs are saved as TXT files. TXT files can be opened by most common word processors (see sample chat log below).

Download Chat Log Recordings

To download multiple Chat recordings, follow the instructions in the Contact Center: Download Multiple Recordings article.