The General Settings tab allows you to define the behavioral items for a particular bulletin. These are actions that occur after the bulletin plays.

General Settings

Select one of the following options for your bulletin:

  • Perform no additional action – After the bulletin plays, the caller can continue through the regular call flow (they can remain on the line to speak to an agent).
  • Force caller to leave a voicemail – After the bulletin plays, the caller is sent to a voicemail box and given the option to leave a message.
  • Terminate the call – After the bulletin plays, the call is terminated.
  • Transfer call to  After the bulletin plays, the call is transferred somewhere other than voicemail. Enter a number where you wish the call to be transferred.

Bulletins can be activated by selecting either the IVRs tab or the Queues tab.

Note: Always click Update, located in the top right corner to save your changes. If Update is not clicked, any new changes made will not be saved.