User accounts are referred to as agents and must be created within teams. Every agent created will have his or her own configurable profile. Team profiles make it possible to group and configure multiple agents at once.

When you open the Agents screen all of your existing agents will be displayed and listed within their corresponding teams in the column to the left.

Teams and Agents

The agent or team whose name is highlighted on the left will determine which settings are currently in view on the right. To view team settings for a particular team, click once on the team name. To view agent settings for a particular agent, click once on the agent's name. Team and agent settings can be adjusted at any time.

To create new agents:

  1. First create a team and define settings that will be applied to every agent you create or add onto that team.
  2. Once the team settings are defined, add agents, assign usernames and passwords, and customize each agent's settings on an individual basis.