Email Recordings Search

In the Contact Center platform, interactions between agents and customers are recorded and stored for a set retention period.

Note: Only Header information is retained. To save the body of an email exchange between agents, please contact your service provider to enable BCC to a desired email address.

To search, review and download Email recordings, go to Analysis > Recordings > Email Recordings.

When searching for Email recordings, select the Chat option from the menu and you will be presented with the following screen:


After you finish entering parameters, click Search. To learn more about the search parameters, see below. 

Email Recording Search Parameters

The following parameters apply to all Email categories:

  • Received between – Enter a date range using the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. These fields are mandatory.
  • From header – The email sender.
  • To header – The email recipient.
  • Subject Line – The subject of the email.

All remaining search fields function the same way as the Voice Recordings. For a more detailed explanation of what these fields mean, please see the Contact Center: Voice Recordings article.

Once you have finished entering any parameters, click Search. After clicking Search, the results of the search will be displayed for review in chronological order. The results for Email will display: Notification, Received, Queue, Assignment History, From, and To.

Note: You can enter a partial string for a word or number; do not use wildcards "{}".

Read Email Recordings

To read an Email, click the link located to the left of the record. This will download the file to your hard drive. 

The email can only be opened by the user to whom it is assigned. Click Assignment History to view to whom the email is assigned.

Download Chat Log Recordings

To download multiple Chat recordings, follow the instructions in the Contact Center: Download Multiple Recordings article.