Once all shifts are created, rotations can be created. To Add, Edit and Remove Rotations, navigate to Home > Scheduling Tool > Patterns > Rotations. 

Rotations are groupings of shifts. In a simple call center or smaller call center, everyone will work the same shift all the time. However, more complex call centers or larger call centers will have multiple shifts and rotating shifts. This means one company may be comprised of three shifts: morning, afternoon, and evening, and divided into 3 groups where every two weeks each group is working a different shift.

For example, Mary is currently working the morning shift, in two weeks she will switch shifts and work the afternoon shift, and two weeks after that she will switch shifts again and work the evening shift; this pattern of working rotating shifts repeats itself once Mary has worked all three shifts. Therefore, rotating shifts are groupings of shifts where agents are working at different times throughout the day and/or week.

Shifts can be grouped to suit your call center environment. Group a week of day shifts, a week of night shifts, and a week of afternoon shifts to create a single rotation, and continue using that rotation through the schedule. Or create rotations that include a combination of shifts, such as single day shifts, whereas many of these single shifts are combined to create a week’s worth of work, the same shift does not have to be used for all five days of the workweek. Therefore, rotations can be comprised of how many ever shifts desired and whichever shifts are desired, and shifts can be different each day. 

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