To search for a particular single or group of Authorized Extensions, enter the values you wish to search by in the "Find Extension" field and click on the "Find" button

Search Sort Extensions

The Search will inspect both the "Phone Extension" and "Description" fields to find and display  the best matches for that search criteria. To bring back the full list again, clear the "Find Extension" field and click on the "Find" button again


To sort your Authorized Extension list, hover your mouse over the column you wish to sort by. This will result in an underline appearing under the column title. Click on the column title and the list will automatically sort by that column. Alpha columns will be sorted alphabetically, numeric columns numerically. If the "description" column contains alphanumeric characters, the sorting will take both alpha and numeric into account (i.e. a leading numeric character will be considered before the first letter of the alphabet). The initial sort will show in ascending order. If you wish to sort in descending order, simply click that column title again.

Search Sort Extensions