Open the IVRs screen within the Admin Portal to see the list of IVRs for your contact center.

IVRs Configuration

The following information is displayed for each IVR:

  • IVR Name – For each IVR listed, you can change the IVR name simply by typing over the existing name. This change will be reflected in the Call Center Agent (CCA), the Admin Portal, and all reports with the IVR name as a field.
  • Active Bulletin – This setting allows you to activate a bulletin for an entire IVR. Use the drop-down to select a bulletin from the list of available bulletins. Please see Bulletins for more information on creating bulletins.
  • Notes – This field can be used to store any additional information about the IVR such as the phone number associated with it. Only users with access to the IVRs screen will see these notes.
  • Active Schedule – This column appears if the Working Hours by Schedules is enabled. Once a schedule is assigned to an IVR, a link to the schedule appears in the Active Schedule column alongside the corresponding IVR. Click on the link to open the schedule; you can click through each day to see the scheduled working hours and make any changes to the schedule.
  • Settings  Allows you to configure items specific to your IVR(s) such as hours of operation for individual queues, call forwarding, and callbacks if any of these settings apply. Settings are created on a client-by-client basis and will only be visible if the functionality is required.

To configure items specific to your IVR:

  1. Click on the Settings link to open a screen with your specific configuration items.

    IVR Settings

  2. The Advanced Settings dialog box opens. Complete the fields and click Update to save the advanced settings and close the dialog box.

    Advanced Settings

  3. Click Update, located in the top right corner, to save all changes to the IVRs page. If the Update button is not clicked, all changes will be lost when you leave the IVRs page.

    Update IVRs