IVR phone numbers (also known as DNIS) currently setup can be edited any time by selecting Configuration > IVRs > Phone Numbers.

To manage an IVR phone number:

  1. Click Phone Numbers located above the IVR table.
  2. The DNIS Configuration page opens.
    To learn more about DNIS Search field, read the Article Contact Center - Searching for DNIS
  3. Click Edit located beside the DNIS you want to edit.
  4. The Edit DNIS Label dialog box opens.
  5. Edit one or more of the DNIS fields:
    • DNIS: This number allows you to determine which telephone number was dialed by a customer. Edit the number if it has changed.
    • IVR: Indicates which IVR the DNIS is applied to. Select an IVR from the list.
    • Label: Describes the DNIS.
      If no label exists for the currently selected DNIS, enter a description that best describes the DNIS.
      If a label already exists for the DNIS, edit as needed.
  6. Click OK when done. 
    The Edit DNIS Label dialog box closes; the DNIS is stored in the data model and associated to the IVR in the IVR Studio.