This article describes the Onboarding Mode for new Contact Center Pro and Elite accounts. This mode is dedicated for the account setup which may take up to a couple of months, and is automatically enabled after the instalation.

To install Contact Center Pro or Elite, follow the steps listed in this Knowledge Base article.

Onboarding Stage

While Onboarding is in process, the available functionalities will be limited, but the system will allow you to configure the major settings.

The limitations are as follows:

  • You will see a notification about the Onboarding mode in HostPilot
  • You will be able to purchase up to 2 concurrent user licenses as a maximum.
  • Upgrading a default Toll-Free Pay-per-use package to any other packages will not be available.

There are no limitations for:

  • assigning Contact Center service for Users;
  • enabling channels, addons or upgrading recording storage package under Subscription tab;
  • assigning Local or Toll-Free numbers to Contact Center under Phone Numbers tab.

Once onboarding has been completed and Contact Center is ready to go live, contact Onboarding team to activate Contact Center.


Billing During Onboarding Stage

Contact Center products, addons and channels purchased during onboarding period will not be charged and will not be included in the current month's bill. However, the charges for the actual Toll-Free minutes usage spent during the onboarding period, will be applied.


Account Activation

When you are ready to go live with your Contact Center Pro or Elite, contact Onboarding team to activate your account.

Once the account is activated:

  • you will no longer see the notification about the Onboarding mode in HostPilot;
  • you will be able to purchase the unlimited number of concurrent user seats;
  • Toll-Free packages will become available for upgrade (available options are from 500 to 225,000 minutes)
  • all the charges will be calculated normally, for all purchased products, channels and addons.



Q: Can I activate the account myself when I am ready to go live?
A: No. You will want to contact Onboarding team to activate your account.

Q: Is there a time limit for Onboarding mode?
A: At this time, Onboarding team is responsible for all the time limits. In the future, all the accounts will be automatically activated after 60-days.

Q: Is it possible to undo the activation?
A: No. Once the account is activated, it cannot be undone.