December 23, 2020 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Concurrent Login from multiple devices: users can now log into a single meeting from more than one device. Reduced minimum resolution for webcams in VDI from 640x360 to 360x180
  • Chat Box Bug Fix: Text input box in Chat sidebar is no longer doubled in height

Mobile Updates:

  • Notes: capture meeting notes (like action items and next steps) in real-time all notes are automatically sent to participants after the meeting
  • Recording: host can now control the recording of the meeting from the app
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Security Password Update: Ability to update Password for those direct users who haven't done it yet. If your password does not match security requirements, your account can be vulnerable for attackers. We now check if your password is strong enough, and if not, provide a pop-up with guidance on how to change it. When you update your password, this pop-up will not show anymore.

December 10, 2020 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

Webinar Only:

  • New Help Menu with updated Knowledge Base articles, and a new Play Tutorial link. A Webinar Host can view a short tutorial explaining the main Webinar features and settings at any time
  • Webinar Start Screen - better, more up-to-date design. We removed unnecessary links and the marquee from the Webinar screen
  • Our Webinar Registration Form text editor has a new button - Add an Image. Now images can be added easily to your registration form

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Meeting New Feature - Meeting Auto-lock. The Host can choose to automatically lock their meetings 5 minutes after they start. To enable this feature, the Host should click on the Settings icon, go to Security, and check the Lock the meeting box. The settings will be saved for all subsequent meetings.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Improved layout behavior of single and double click
    • Spotlighting
    • Improved window resize flow, including sidebar auto-collapse behavior

December 3, 2020 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Are you Talking? indicator: Have you ever started talking in a meeting, only to realize you were on mute? New functionality detects when you're speaking while muted, and reminds you to unmute yourself through a small popup from the Mic control
  • Bug Fixes: Chrome Beta background behavior: Users on new Chrome Beta will be informed via desktop notification when their meeting app has been backgrounded, pausing shared .mp4 video
  • Scrollbar in side panel: Scrollbar in attendee list, chat, and notes is now clickable for easy navigation
  • Improved meeting controls autohide behavior

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