June 28, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Private Chat: Meeting participants can now send private chat messages to specified recipients. These private messages will not be seen by other meeting participants.
  • Muted/Unmuted audio prompt setting: Users can now enable or disable the muted and unmuted audio prompts from the Notifications section of the General tab in Settings.

May 17, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Localized Virtual Assistant: Added support of French Canadian and Dutch languages.
  • Loud noises ruining your meetings? New Noise Reduction feature is available now. Its level can be defined in General Settings, and will be applied for all meeting participants.
    Note: the feature is available only for accounts with the English culture selected in HostPilot.


  • Presentation navigation is now easier: the host or presenter can jump to the first or the last slide by clicking double-arrow buttons, or go to a particular slide by entering the slide number.

April 30, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Time Zone displayed in Meeting Notes now reflects HostPilot account’s Time Zone.

April 15, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Localized Virtual Assistant: Meeting Hosts in non-English speaking locales (with the exception of French Canadian and Dutch) will now be able to select their transcription language when enabling Virtual Assistant in a meeting.

April 8, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Concurrent Login updated limitation: Users can only log in once per email address to a meeting on desktop. Users can still utilize the concurrent login functionality by using different device types.


  • Presenters' names are now visible both on video tiles during a webinar and on the recording.

March 18, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved case wherein You are muted panel remained after user clicked mic control to unmute
    • Users now see an alert that content share has been interrupted when meeting desktop application has been minimized while sharing an application
  • Performance mode checkbox: Users experiencing poor performance due to high CPU can select the Improve Performance for High CPU Load checkbox in the Advanced Settings tab.


  • Virtual Backgrounds for the Host and Presenters: now Webinar Hosts and Presenters can blur their background or choose a background image for their videos (either one of selected default images or a custom one). To enable this feature, Host/Presenter should go to Audio & Video settings. Please note - this is a Beta feature, and, although it should work well, there might be some issues with video focus or performance. You can disable virtual backgrounds at any time during your webinar.

March 4, 2021 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Minor bug fixes


  • We have updated audio settings management for better privacy and consistency. For privacy, a Webinar Presenter (or Attendee after promotion to Presenter) now joins with their microphone muted. They can unmute themselves easily as soon as they are ready to speak. Webinar Host joins unmuted, the same flow as it was before. If a Host changes their audio device (pairs the phone or switches to web microphone) their muted/unmuted state will not change. Therefore, this flow will become more consistent.
  • Video (MP4) playback has been improved. Now our customers' video experience during a webinar will be even smoother than before. We also added a note to the Content Library with the video files requirements that should ensure best video experience for all webinar participants.

February 18, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • New Feature: Ability to disable Chat and Notes by Host. Now the host can disable Chat and/or Notes in Settings > Security. These settings are saved for future meetings. If Chat/Notes are disabled during a meeting, all current messages and notes will be deleted.
  • New feature: Volume Control for Meeting Hosts. Hosts can now alter the volume of attendees in their meetings by clicking on a person from the attendee list. These volume adjustments will impact all people in the meeting.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • In order to ensure that webinar users will have the best video playback experience during a webinar, we added the requirements for uploaded mp4 videos to the Content Library and to the files upload screen (if files are added during a webinar). Now the host or presenter can check before the event if their videos match the platform requirements.

February 4, 2021 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Virtual Backgrounds now available as a Beta feature under the Virtual Background tab in Settings. Blur your existing background, select from a preloaded background, or upload your own background image
  • Waiting Room Improvements. We have added the ability for the Host to send a message to all waiting attendees. The Host can send one message at a time, but the number of messages is not limited. The Waiting Room attendees will always see the latest message. Also, the Host now can accept all waiting attendees in one click
  • Fixed bug causing microphone icon to flash when the meeting info panel was opened while holding a meeting in Google Chrome
  • Reverted webcam zoom effect impacting Mac users who have webcam enabled in meetings

January 21, 2021 – Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Updated audio & video packet loss thresholds & Indicators to more accurately display visual indicators for meeting participants experiencing audio and video quality/connectivity issues
  • Removed outdated line item indicating 2020 year from Help menu dropdown
  • Updated meeting scheduling screen in Account Manager to accurately reflect invitee capacity based on meeting capacity
  • Fixed bug which prevented a meeting Host's setting preference, New attendees join muted, from persisting on page reload
  • Fixed bug which was causing multiple sets of post-meeting Notes emails to be sent to users logged into a meeting on multiple devices, by removing the email address case sensitivity
  • Fixed bug which was causing meeting transcription reports to show duplicate attendee objects of users logged in to the meeting on multiple devices

January 14, 2021 - Intermedia AnyMeeting Update

In-Meeting Experience:

  • Bug Fix: Stuck Meeting Controls - Intermittently, meeting controls were not responding in sync with expected show/hide behavior with and without hover. This has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Video playback on Chrome v88: Meeting hosts using Chrome v88 (Beta) while sharing an .mp4 video file caused meeting attendees to see a black canvas. This has been resolved so that the attendees now see the .mp4 video playing back.


  • Practice Webinar: If the Host is practicing, and their live Webinar will start in 15 minutes, there is a notification - a reminder that they need to end their Practice Webinar and start the Live one. The reminder will be displayed again 5 minutes before the live Webinar.


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