While doing an evaluation, you may be interrupted, have your computer crash, or maybe just wanted to take some time and think about your answers before sending out your final evaluation. It is important to note that you may always come back to the evaluation and make changes, as long as you have not yet notified the agent.

If you wish to edit or continue an evaluation that has already been started, click on the Evaluator link and click on the Evaluations tab. This will bring you to the Evaluations screen which lists all of the evaluations that have been done or are in the progress of being done. Select the evaluation you wish to edit and click on the Continue link located to the right of the evaluation.


This will open the evaluation and allow you to make any necessary changes to the evaluation. Make changes by clicking on the Restart button at the top of the page. This will remove the existing Completion Date information.


Once you are satisfied with the changes made to the evaluation, follow the steps as stated on the Doing an Evaluation page.