Rotations must be assigned to each individual user. The same rotation can be assigned to multiple users. To assign a rotation to a user or group of users:

  1. Select one or more users from the user list and click Assign;
    Note: To select multiple users that appear in succession select the first user, press Shift, and select the last user. All the users appearing between the first and last selected users will become selected. To select users that do not appear in succession, press Ctrl and then select each user individually until all required users are selected.
  2. The Assign Rotation window will open;
  3. In the Rotation drop-down menu, select a rotation to assign to the selected user(s);
  4. In the Initial Shift drop-down menu, select the a shift; this shift will be the first shift of the rotation that users will work;
  5. Click Save;
  6. An Assign Rotation confirmation dialog box appears. Click OK; 
  7. The assigned rotation will appear in the Rotation and Shift columns of the user list, beside the selected user(s).