Now that you have successfully created your webhook in Slack, it needs to be integrated into your Cloud Contact Center.

To set up your Slack Integration:

  1. Once you have created your webhook in Slack and saved your settings, keep that Slack session open, launch a new browser tab and sign in to your Cloud Contact Center Client Administration Portal; then navigate to IntegrationSlack.  
  2. From the Slack Webhook configuration, click on the Copy URL button on the Slack page and paste the webhook URL into the Webhook URL space of the Client Administration Portal/Integration/Slack Integration menu.
  3. Click on the Test Connection and Update Slack Settings button.
  4. Go to the Slack channel you chose to send messages to as the default channel and see if there is a test message there. If no message has appeared. something is wrong and you need to go back and look at your Slack webhook configuration. Tip: take a look at the webhook URL you have pasted to ensure that it matches the one outlined in your Slack account.

Slack and your Cloud Contact Center are now successfully integrated. For further information on editing your Slack settings please see Edit Slack Integration Settings.

For more information on Webhooks please see Slack API.