If desired, you have the option of overriding the default username and icon the Slack notifications will be delivered with.

To change the username:

       1. Type the desired new username into the Username field.

To change the icon:

2. Right-click on the picture you wish to use and click Copy Image Location.
Note: you must be able to get to the image directly from the URL for the picture to work. To check if this works, open a new tab or window in your internet browser and paste the URL into the address bar and press enter. if the image appears it is an acceptable image.

3. Paste this address into the Icon URL field.

Note: there is a 255 character limit for both the Webhook URL and Icon URL.

4. Click Test Connection and Update Slack Settings to save and update your changes. 


Note: the test message that will result from the Test Connection button click will continue to post to the default channel with the default user name and icon image as configured in your Slack webhook configuration in Slack. Queue alert messages will, however, detect the new Icon image and use it for display.