To delete multiple georouting rules

  1. Use the search filters to search for the rules you wish to delete. For example, if you wish to delete all rules containing an NPA of 905, type 905 in the Key field, and click Apply Filters.Then click Delete All. Delete all will delete all of the results form your filter. If you have no filter defined, delete all will delete all of your Geo Routing rules.

    Deleting Multiple Georouting Rules

  2. A confirmation window appears asking, "Are you sure you want to delete all records matching the current filtering condition? This action cannot be undone."

    Deleting Multiple Georouting Rules

  3. Click OK to delete all rules currently displayed in the table. Click Cancel to keep all rules currently displayed in the table.

Note: Do not delete the displayed georouting rules unless you are positive that all the rules listed are no longer being used or are no longer needed. The recommended method of deleting georouting rules is to delete each rule individually. (For more information, please see how to Delete a Specific Rule).