System administrators with access to creating and editing campaigns can set up acknowledgements for SMS campaigns. This is where you can define how your contacts should respond to SMS messages sent by your campaign, or what actions the system should take when the contact sends an unexpected reply.

Once you have created a campaign, you can configure the SMS acknowledgement flow for the SMS message received by the contact.

Note: The SMS Acknowledgement Settings link will not appear until after you have created and saved a new campaign. The example below is an image of a campaign that was created and saved. For more information on creating new SMS campaigns, see Add a Campaign.

SMS Acknowledgement

To set up the SMS Acknowledgement:

  1. Click SMS Acknowledgement Settings. The SMS Acknowledgement page appears.

    SMS Acknowledgement

  2. Configure the following options:
    • Acknowledgment checkbox: Select this checkbox if you want to send an acknowledgement to the contact’s reply to your SMS message.
    • Action(s) to execute for each response: You can configure up to 5 acknowledgment responses to expect from the contact. These can be alphanumeric, and for each response, you can define one of three actions:
      • Acknowledge: The contact has acknowledged receipt of the message, and the response and contact is considered successful (the contact is set to Success).
      • Acknowledge and Send to Chat Queue: The contact has acknowledged receipt of the message, and the contact is assigned to a chat queue for communication with an agent. You can indicate the queue to send the contact to, and assign a priority order.
      • Acknowledge and Send to Email: The contact has acknowledged receipt of the message, and the contact is sent to an email queue. You can indicate the From and To headers for the email that the contact will receive.
    • Autoreply for unexpected user response: Enter the message that the contact should receive if they respond with an invalid option. You can leave this option blank, in which case, the contact will not receive a response.
    • Maximum number of unexpected user responses(s): Indicate the maximum number of unexpected responses that the contact can send. You can allow up to three invalid responses. If the contact sends more than the maximum allowed, the SMS session is terminated. The system will not send any further messages, and the contact will not be able to send any further responses.
    • Response is expected within: Indicate the maximum number of Hours or Days that the contact is expected to acknowledge receipt of the SMS message. If the contact fails to acknowledge within the expected time, the system will not acknowledge any messages sent by the contact passed the time limit, and the contact will be set to Fail.

      The following image shows an example of the all configurations set up for a sample campaign:

      SMS Acknowledgement

  3. Click Save when done.