To remove an agent from the schedule:

  1. Click Remove Agent.
  2. The Remove Agent Information window opens. Complete all fields (see Remove Agent Information window below and refer to Remove Agent Field Descriptions and Button Functions Table for a detailed description of all fields).

  3. When all fields are complete, click Save.
  4. Remove Agent Information confirmation dialog box appears. Click OK.
  5. The selected Agent will be removed from the schedule on the specified dates along with any events that are scheduled on those dates (if specified).

Remove Agent Field Descriptions and Button Functions Table:


In the drop-down menu, select the Agent you want to remove from the schedule.

Start Date / End Date

Click the date picker and select the first date/last date in the schedule you want the Agent removed from.

Include Events

Select the checkbox if you want to remove the Agent from all events occurring on the selected dates, select the Include Events.



Click to remove the Agent from the selected date(s) of the schedule.


Click to close the Remove Agent Information window. If the window is closed without saving the information, the Agent will not be removed from the schedule.