Vacation limits can be placed on any team, skillset, and/or skill that has been assigned to agents. For example, a vacation maximum of 2 placed on agents possessing the Webchat skill only allows for 2 Webchat agents to take a vacation at the same time on any given day.

Use the Vacation Maximum table to enter how many agents within the same group can schedule a vacation at the same time. Also, use the Filter feature to search for and view Vacation Maximums for a specific date range.

If an Agent is assigned more than one skillset, and if vacation is not available in one of those skillsets than Agents will not be able to schedule a vacation for that day. Their calendar will block out the days where vacation is not available. Each day of the Vacation Maximum calendar is comprised of two columns. The first column specifies the maximum number of agents that can schedule vacation time on that day, the second column specifies how many agents have actually scheduled that day off.

To access the Vacation Maximums tab, select Main Menu > Planning > Vacation Maximum.Vacations

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