To edit vacation maximums:

  1. Select an Entity from the Vacation Maximums calendar.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. The Vacation Maximums window will open. Complete the required edits.Vacation
  4. Click Save when all vacation maximum edits are complete.
  5. The Time Saved Off confirmation dialog box appears. Click OK.Confirmation
  6. The calendar is updated with the new Vacation Maximums for the Entity and Date(s) selected.

Vacation Maximums Field Descriptions and Button Functions

Start Date / End Date

Click the date picker and select the date range (first and last date) for which you would like to change the vacation maximum.


In the Entity drop-down menu, select the entity for which you would like to change the vacation maximum.


In the drop-down menu, select the TeamSkills, or Skillsets for which you want to edit the vacation maximum.


Type the maximum number of agents that can take a vacation at the same time for the selected dates.



Click to add the newly selected teams, skills, or skillsets vacation maximums for the selected dates to the Vacation Maximum table.


Click to update the calendar with the new Vacation Maximums.


Click to close the Vacation Maximums window. If the window is closed without saving the information, the vacation information will be deleted and will not be added to the schedule.