To manually add a vacation request:

  1. Click Add Vacation.
  2. The Add Vacation window opens. Complete all fields (see Create a Vacation Request window below and refer to Add Vacation Field Descriptions and Button Functions Table for a detailed description of all fields).
  3. When all fields are completed, click Save.
  4. The Add Vacation confirmation dialog box appears. Click OK.
  5. The requested vacation appears in the Vacation Manager. Each vacation line indicates the vacation request date, type of vacation requested (e.g. Vacation AM, Vacation PM, Vacation, and Frame Vacation), the start and end time of the requested vacation, any notes pertaining to the vacation along with the approval status, reasons for the approval/decline and the date the request was last updated.
    Note: If the vacation is approved, a green box will appear beside the vacation request. If the vacation is declined, a red box will appear beside the vacation request along with the Reason for the decline. If the vacation is On Hold, a yellow box will appear beside the vacation request along with the Reason for the hold. If the vacation has already been Scheduled a purple box will appear beside the vacation request.

Event Type

In the drop-down list, select an event type:

  • Vacation AM – Schedules vacation in the morning only.
  • Vacation – Schedules vacation for the entire day.
  • Frame Vacation – Schedules vacation for the time selected.
  • Vacation PM – Schedules vacation for the afternoon only.

Note: If requesting a Frame Vacation you will need to set up a time frame for the vacation (start and end time). 

Start Date / End Date

Click the date picker and select a Start and End Date for the vacation request.


Type any notes regarding the new vacation (e.g. reason for requested vacation). (Optional).



Click to update the calendar with the new vacation request.


Click to close the Create a Vacation Request window. If the window is closed without saving the information, the coverage information will be deleted and will not be added to the schedule.