The My Proposals Tab displays all the shift trade requests you have submitted along with their status of Opened or Closed. Whenever you create a shift request, the request will appear in this tab for you to review and delete if you no longer want to trade shifts (see My Proposals window below and refer to My Proposals Tab Table for a detailed description of all tab columns).

My Proposals Tab Table:


Indicates the status of the shift trade request.

Created By

Indicates the individual who created the shift (should be your name for all trade requests).

Shift Offered

Indicates which shift would like to be traded.

Offered to

The Agent’s name to whom the shift is offered to.

Shift Wanted

Indicates which shift you would like in exchange for the shift you are trading.


  • Click Delete to delete the requested shift trade.
  • Click Accept to accept the requested shift trade.
  • Click Confirm to confirm that shift trade has been accepted.
  • Click Delete to delete the shift trade request.


Description of shifts (if provided). For example, comments regarding a shift, reason for a declined shift, etc.

Date Submitted

Indicates the date the shift was submitted.