This guide contains basic information about how to setup online Reactive Chat sessions from within your web site.

The setup is extremely simple, just one easy step: add a link (link provided to you by your service provider) to the chat application from within your desired web page (represented visually by your web master in whichever fashion you wish - i.e. text or image). 

The chat URL will look something like this: "" and then contain the mandatory parameters after the main URL ( i.e. cid=YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID&qid=12345 )

The link provided to you by your service provider will automatically contain the mandatory fields as parameters to reach its target chat queue (see parameters listed below) and may be used as is to be embedded in your web page.

Additionally, you may customize the link. Your link must reference a page that would setup the chat session (the base URL above - but it must match the facility ID your account is provisioned in - i.e. "pop0" - please contact your service provider to know which facility your account is provisioned in). You may add information describing the account and target queue specified via query string (see table below for supported variables). Once the user clicks on the link, the chat application will start running, so it is recommended to configure the link to open a new browser window or tab.

The chat application encapsulates all the logic of initiating and maintaining the chat session while providing a flexible mechanism to configure behaviour and styling. The application will adjust itself (based on the configuration options defined for the target queue, see the Knowledge Base article on Contact Center Chat Queue Options).

The following table describes the different query string parameters supported by the application:

  Parameter Required   Description
cid Yes Your account ID.
qid Yes ID of the queue the chat session is being directed to.
lang No
  • Language to be used; this parameter is optional. It can be used to enforce the chat session to be in a specific language.
  • Currently supported values are: EN-US; EN-GB; FR-CA; DE-DE; IT-IT; NL-NL; ES-ES, JA-JP.
  • Using any unsupported language will be interpreted as EN-US. If the lang variable is not specified, the app will also use EN-US as default.
fn No User's first name.
ln No User's last name.
ea No User's email address.
pn No User's phone number.
iqry No User's inquiry (or reason why the chat session is being opened).
popid No ID of the screen-pop action to be used when the chat session is served to the agent. Screen-op actions must be defined within the administration portal. For security reasons, only the iID of the action is allowed to be passed via query string.
itag No Interop tag (typically an identifier within your own web site that will be used later on to cross reference information).

For more information on Reactive Chat, see the Knowledge Base article on Contact Center Initiating Reactive Chat.