This section explains how to deploy one chat for all pages in Wix.

To deploy one chat for all pages:

  1. Log in to your Wix account.

  2. Select Edit Site.

  3. Click the Wix App market.

  4. In the toolbar, select HTML, and then choose HTML iFrame/Embed.

  5. Click Add to add it on to the site. A window will appear.

  6. From the window that appears and from the Mode drop-down list, select HTML code. Copy and paste the JavaScript Redirect code into the HTML / embed code box.

  7. Click Update.

  8. Select the Show on all pages check box Show on all pages.

  9. Click Save & Publish. A window will appear.

  10. From the window that appears, clear the Display in the mobile action Bar on my mobile site check box, and then click OK.