To add a Go To External Link to your ICR:

  1. From the Page List, select the page where you wish to add the Control Type.
  2. Click Add Control.

  3. The dialog box Add Control opens.
  4. From the Control Type drop-down menu, select Button.

  5. In the Label textbox, type the label for your button (e.g. Search Knowledgebase); this is the text that will appear on your button when the window ICR is displayed.

  6. From the Action drop-down menu, select Go To External Link.

  7. In the External URL field, paste the URL for the website where you wish to send the customer.

  8. Click OK to close the Add Control dialog box.
  9. The new control type appears in the Page Controls

  10. If you wish to change the position in which your Control Type appears in the ICR chat window, click the arrow buttons, click the Up arrow to move the position of the control type up in the list, the higher up the list the control type is located, the earlier it will be displayed in the chat window. Click the Down arrow to move the position of the control type down in the list.
  11. Click Update to save the changes made to your ICR.
  12. Note: Once Control Types have been added to your ICR, you can always Edit or Delete them if they need updating or if they are no longer required for the current ICR.
  13. To Preview your ICR, click here.