Buttons can be added to one or more ICR pages. To view and use buttons, the page ICR containing the button(s) must be open in the ICR window. Buttons can be displayed instantly, once a page is open, or they can be presented to the customer one at a time with a short delay between each control type. Buttons appear as pictured below.

Go To Page

When the button Go To Page is clicked, the new page is displayed in the entire ICR window, and all the new content for that page is presented to the customer.

Go To Queue

When the button Go To Queue is clicked, the Landing page for the Queue is displayed in the entire ICR window. If the queue is set up to collect information from the customer before entering the queue, the page Information Collection is displayed in the ICR window. If the is set up to move the customer straight into the queue, the page Waiting for an Agent is displayed in the ICR window.

When the button Go To External Link is clicked, a new browser tab opens and the Home page of the website is displayed.