Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that allows you to deal with customer interactions across all channels (e.g. phone, chat, email, social media, etc.) in one place. Zendesk's integrated customer support provides you with the capability to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets.

Prerequisites: Talk Partner API  subscription; without a subscription, you will be unable to elicit the behviour listed below.

The Zendesk Settings Menu allows you to set up the integration between your Zendesk platform and the Cloud Contact Center to allow for the following:

  • Search for tickets and screen pop existing ticket
  • Create new ticket and screen pop that new ticket
  • Search for end customer user and screen pop end customer user
  • Write private and public comments in ticket conversation as a record of the phone call interaction with recording link in private

Search and screen pop configuration is driven by the IVR design. Ensure that the appropriate Zendesk business functions are included in your IVR application to evoke the correct behavior.

Note: Before you begin, you need an API URL, API Username, and API Token; these will be assigned to you by your Admin. If you have not received these three pieces of information, please contact your Administrator before you begin your Zendesk Integration.

To update your Zendesk Settings:

  1. In the Client Admin Portal, navigate to Integration > Zendesk Settings.
  2. In the API URL textbox, type the API URL for your contact center.
  3. In the API Username textbox, type your API Username.
  4. In the API Token textbox, type your assigned API Token.
  5. Check the Talk API enabled checkbox, to ensure Zendesk allows for the screen pop and log record behavior listed above. If this checkmark is left unchecked, you will not receive the search, screen pop, and ticket comments behavior.
  6. Check the Zendesk Integration enabled checkbox, to enable Zendesk Integration.
  7. If the information entered is valid, you will receive a message reading, "Zendesk Integration Settings have been updated successfully." Zendesk is now ready for use.

    If one or more fields entered are invalid, your integration will be unsuccessful and you will receive a message reading, "Test Connection failed."

    Note: If your test connection fails, ensure that you have entered all information correctly and re-test the connection. If you have entered the information you received correctly, contact your Administrator for assistance.