Often when an Agent makes outbound calls using the Contact Center, the call is transferred to the customer's voicemail. With Agent Outbound Auto Message, Agents can prerecord their own message and send it to a customer's voicemail inbox or answering machine. This means that when an outbound call is made and a customer's voicemail or answering machine message is received, after the beep, the Agent can select a message to be played on the voicemail, hang up, and move on to the next call.

Transfer to secondary IVR functionality is used to create the Agent recording while the Contact Center is used to record the greeting; when the Agent clicks Record, a call is made to the Agent at the number they are signed in with. When the Agent answers the call, the recording IVR prompts the agent to create a recording.

Outbound Auto Messaging must be enabled in the Client Admin Portal before it can be used in the Contact Center application. If Outbound Auto Messaging is disabled in the Client Admin Portal, Outbound Messaging IVR will not be visible in the Contact Center Menu. For further information on enabling Outbound Auto Messaging, click here.

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