Inbound SMS to Chat allows customers to use a registered SMS number to initiate a chat session with an Agent. The incoming chat is presented to the Agent via the CCA in the same manner as a regular chat is presented.  

Inbound SMS to Chat works as follows:

  1. The customer sends an SMS to a registered SMS number.
    Note: each registered SMS number is assigned to a specific queue.
  2. The SMS is sent to the assigned queue.
  3. The first available agent receives the SMS through the CCA.
  4. The initial SMS appears in two locations:
         a. The Inquiry field, located in the header of the chat window; this iinquiry field is used for reference purposes for the chat session, 
         b. The Greeting of the initiated chat.
  5. The SMS number of the customer appears to the left of the chat bubble.
  6. Once the SMS is received by the Agent, the agent responds in the same manner as he/she would to a regular chat.

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