Here you can set the holidays for your contact center. These are days that your contact center will be closed or have shortened hours. Holidays are added here to determine when a caller is sent to the call flow implemented for holidays. The fields for adding Holidays for both Queues and IVRs are identical.

National Holidays for – Use this drop-down menu if your contact center operates both in the United States and Canada. Each country can have its own specified holidays. This feature must be requested and built into the design of your IVR otherwise it will not be available. You can request to enable this feature by contacting your service provider.

To set a holiday for your contact center:

  1. From the Working Hours page, select the Holidays tab. Select the Queue or IVR to which you want to add the Holiday.
  2. Click Add Holiday.

  3. The dialog Add Holiday box opens. Enter a Name for the holiday along with the Date of the holiday. Once all fields are complete, click OK.

  4. You may add as many holidays as are required however only for the current year. Existing entries for holidays can be adjusted by clicking Edit, located to the left of the row. Holidays can also be removed by clicking Delete.

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