Below are a few tips for you to be prepared as a webinar presenter. These tips will help to minimize any technical issues and allow you to focus on your presentation.

  1. Join from Desktop
    Presenting should be done from a Desktop (Windows or Mac) Computer for the best results. Mobile devices are not supported for Presenters. 
    Recommended: Chrome web browser is the best for presenting. It has an auto-audio adjustment built-in.
  2. Restart your computer prior to the webinar for optimal resources and close any programs that may not have shut down properly. Your computer resources may be low if you have been power using it.
  3. Check your Internet connection
    You will want to ensure that your connection is strong and stable. An unstable connection may cause you audio trouble or trouble controlling the slides on your presentation. Inform your host if you are on a shared Wi-Fi connection such as a hotel or other shared network so they understand your challenges.
  4. Use the phone for the most reliable audio
    To mitigate any trouble due to poor Internet, you should dial-in to the webinar so even if your Internet is not performing, you have audio at all times. Cell phones are strongly ill-advised.
    Important: if you did not choose Phone when you logged in to the webinar, you must use the menu to Switch to Phone. 
    1. At the top of the screen click the 3 dots:

    2. Select Dial-in for audio:

      Dial-in for audio
  5. Use a headset for your audio
    Your speakers will playback into your mic even on a phone. Use a headset whenever possible to avoid audio echo.
  6. When you are not speaking, mute yourself.
    Sometimes we forget we are on Live and begin talking or typing and your webinar attendees will hear everything. You can either mute your phone device or click the mic icon at the top of the screen to mute your audio.

  7. To join your scheduled practice or live webinar:
    • You will receive an email invitation with the link to join. Plan to join at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
    • Click the button on that email to Join Meeting Online when it is time. This will open a web browser window. (Chrome web browser is supported. All others will require our Desktop Application)
    • You will choose whether you want to use Computer Audio or Telephone Audio.
    • You will join the webinar. If you are a Presenter and the webinar is Live, note that you will not be muted. You will be heard immediately upon entering.

If you have questions once you join or need technical support outside of your Host’s knowledge, click on the Get Help icon in the top navigation. This will take you to our Knowledge Base articles.

Your first contact should be your Host to ensure that you have been given the correct access.

Webinar Controls

As a Guest Presenter you will have access to some of the same controls your Host has. Be aware of the following:

  • Slide Controls: when you move slides (advance or back), this is a public view and not private to you. Therefore, if you are not presenting, you are now moving the slides on whoever the current presenter is. Only move slides when it is your turn to present.

    Slide controls
  • Recording: this option is not available to Guest Presenters, only the Host may record.
  • File downloaddo not share the file download unless asked to do so by your Host.

    Share files
    Meeting Files
  • Webinar Options: do not change any of the views under Webinar Options such as the Attendee list etc. as this is public. If your Host has hidden the attendee list leave it as such. Coordinate with your Host if they want you to manage this area.

    Webinar Options
    Options list
  • Q&A: this is often a group effort with Hosts and Guest Presenters. Your Host will let you know if they would like you to assist with Q&A. Note that you have the same controls as your Host such as being able to post questions, dismiss etc. as shown below:

    Show question
    Edit question
    Dismiss question
  • Polls: your Host will let you know if they would like you to assist with running Polls. Do not control these screens unless your Host requests you do so.

    Create poll
    Start poll
  • Webcam: do not go on webcam during the webinar unless your Host has instructed that this is the way they want to conduct the webinar.

    Share Webcam
    If you go on webcam without coordinating with your host, you may disrupt the webinar including the presentation. The presentation will resize to accommodate you on webcam.
    No webcam: (Attendee view)

    No webcam
    With webcam:

    With webcam
    *Views shown may vary by screen size and webcam resolution.
  • Your Host will End the webinar when it is time.