Under the Archiving Control Panel, there is an option to set a Retention policywhich will purge items from your archive older than a specified age (defined in years and months).  Any items on hold for any reason will NOT be removed regardless of the retention policy. Only Administrators are able to make changes to the retention policy.

Items purged via a retention policy are removed by the system according to the applied policy.  It is important that you understand your Organisation's Data Retention Policies before enabling this feature and the subsequent consequences for applying the incorrect policy.

Important: Upon activation of your archive account, a default retention policy of 7 years is applied. It is possible to change the policy.

To access and set Retention Policy:

  1. Access the Archiving control panel and click Settings:
  2. Click manage for the Policies menu:
  3. Enable or disable Retention policy, set the desired timespan in corresponding fields, click Update

Note: The retention duration is calculated from the number of calendar months and years from today's date.  Also, the minimum retention policy allowed is 3 months.